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Every thing you need for your website

Web Application

We want to ensure we give all of our customers the best service all of the time. Discover more

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Dedicated Server

Hosting Options

The hosting options that we can offer you Check them out

Select Your Managed Cloud Hosting Package

High Speed Solid State Drives With 99% Up-time! (*Require add your Domain)

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Domain Name for your business

Domain Name for your business as one of the best registerar

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Domain name

Monthly or yearly

Get your dedicated IP address Discover more

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There are two types of frameworks which we provide you.(without CMS)


There are two types of frameworks which we provide you. Frameworks that help you build the backend of your website (PHP) and frameworks that allow you to set up the frontend (Bootstrap,Sass, CSS, JavaScript.). The backend and frontend of your website are connected to a data layer (MySQL.) Read More

What is Frameworks?

A framework is a ‘library’ made of standardized code that makes it easier for developers and designers to create a custom website. Using frameworks to build your website means that you’re going to reuse a certain development structure and build upon that structure to achieve exactly what you had in mind. Concretely, that means you’ll already have the base code which you can continue working upon without having to recode the development structure from scratch. The backend and frontend of your website are connected to a data layer (e.g. MySQL.)

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Your Website can build with CMS

CMS platforms are web applications built upon frameworks. It’s kind of an inception thing where people have built a web application (e.g. WordPress, joomla, drupal) to allow you to build websites more easily and visually. When using a CMS, the backend and data layer structures are already taken care of. These two things require a lot of code knowledge, so that part is taken out of your hands. However, that also means your website’s frontend will only be able to handle what your backend allows it to. Usually, developers create their own web applications using frameworks when a customer’s need cannot be met with a CMS platform.

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Content Managment System


There is not any limitation on the CMS that you need for you Web Application(website) Read More

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We help your business with Search engine optimization


What is SEO Learn more

Search Engine Optimization

The goals here are many; increase traffic, improve rankings but most importantly, connect the potential customer to your website.

1.Create Your Initial Keyword List.
2. Research Your Keywords
2.a. Use Keyword Research Tools
2. b. Export Keyword List to Spreadsheet Format
2. c. Review the Data
3. Organize Your Keywords into Categories
4. Additional Keyword Research
5. Analyze and Narrow Down Your Lists
6. Research Competitiveness
a. Complete "allintitle" Search
b. Record "allintitle" Data
c. Review the Top Websites
7. Select the Keyword Phrases You Will Use on Your Pages
8. Design your Site Navigation
9. Match Keyword Phrases to Web Pages

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Website Analysis and Research

Every successful SEO strategy for a website starts off with a critical analysis of that website. We look at a number of things in our analysis.

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Google rankings

Google rankings

Improves your keyword rankings across Google. Read More

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What is (Black, Brown, Gray or White) Hat SEO and What are Its Consequences?

Black Consequences

What is Black Hat SEO and What are Its Consequences? read More

Enhances Reputation

Enhances your company’s online reputation and strengthens your brand.

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Let’s Encrypt

Partnered with Let’s Encrypt.

Transport Layer Security
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We’ll move your website from your old host.


We’ll move your website from your old host to modern Dedicated host and Transfer your domain to new Registerar Transfer your domain

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Dedicated | Linux OS

Our Servers

8 Core|16 Thread|Intel Xeon-D CPU | High performance SSD Raid 10 secured storage Check them out

Bootstrap 4

One of the most popular front-end toolkit

Powerful Responsive SaaS, Startup & Software Developer on BootStrap

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jQuery | JavaScript

Flat HTML +jQuery old fashion variations and modern JavaScript application.

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We use PHP and mySQL Read more